The time is finally upon us.

Hurtworld V2 update goes live on our main branch on Saturday the 12th of January.

Those of you who haven’t been keeping up with our progress, Hurtworld V2 is a massive update 2 years in the making, free to all existing owners. We’ve been refining the gameplay mechanics in a separate branch, to keep the core experience stable and to give us room to push the boundaries of the survival genre. We tried a bunch of stuff, learnt lots from the things that didn’t work & found a bunch of things that we think elevate the game without compromising the core experience.

More recently we’ve been working with the community to ensure these big updates stay true to the roots of what worked so well in our Early Access launch.

It’s been a long road & now we’re super excited to share Hurtworld V2 with the world!

Character customization / Item customization / Graphical upgrades

We rebuilt our character and equipment systems from the ground up allowing players to fully modify their appearence through character customization. Fly the colors of your clan with every weapon and piece of clothing now fully paintable. Name your items that will persist long after your enemies have stolen them.


PVP Upgrades

We’ve doubled down on PVP gunplay by rebuilding the ballistics system from scratch to include a detailed recoil model and server verified bullet projection. We then redesigned all our weapons to be completely modular with upgradable sights, stocks, attachments and other stat modifiers making no two weapons the same.

Beyond weapon customization, we took a deep look at how PVP should flow, spending countless hours refining respawn mechanics, death punishment and player loot to replace the controversial infamy system from legacy.


New Vehicles

Vehicles have always been at the heart of Hurtworlds progression which we’ve extended to include a truck capable of carrying high value “heavy slot” items, as well as a punishing to fly but rewarding multiseat helicopter. Like always you can customize these to your hearts content.


Expanded World

Server performance upgrades have allowed us to expand the max players per server greatly and to support this we built a new map from the ground up to support the increased server population. Nullius expands into new biomes, a new layout and adds lots of new towns to be contested. While maintaining the existing gradual town loot, we’ve added random town events with large rewards to insight more meaningful PVP conflicts for those who want to jump in.

Throughout the world you’ll find rich meteor showers, air drops and rare creatures that will constantly keep you on your toes.

Clans can now be made official, allowing tracking of clan mates on the map, clan driven ownership of bases and server rankings. Literally make your mark on the map by competing with other clans for control over territory in special areas that crank PVP and raiding up to 11.


On January 12th Hurtworld V2 will become the default launch option in Steam. For those who love Hurtworld the way it is, the legacy branch will remain accessible through a Steam launch option.

See you out there!