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Hurtworld Update #149


Hi guys,

The finished touches are on the Mozzy ready for the next release! This week I’ve moved on to an optimisation and stability pass on V2 in the leadup to the official V2 launch coming very soon. My goal is to ensure that V2 is a performance boost from V1 for all players before we release it. I don’t think we are far off from that. Our main regressions are an increase in town rocks, terrain texture counts and poor town event optimisation.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on a utility for MadMaps that managed the consolidation of terrain textures and grass details.
Mad Maps is our in house level editing tool, available free in our map SDK and available on the Unity Asset Store for third parties. As our map is made up of over 250 stamp assets it has become a pain to manage linking up every asset using the same output texture and grass definition. Too many of these end up adding draw calls to the Unity terrain renderer that can be costly on low end systems. We previously had about 19 textures being written to the terrain requiring 5 separate draw passes (4 per pass), we hope to consolidate that number to 8 ideally which should speed up minimum performance greatly.

I’ve also been working on ensuring our network infrastructure is as solid as possible in preparation for the influx of players after the release. There are still some niggling issues that came out of the structure manager load balancing updates that possibly cause structures to not load properly that I want to get sorted.

The Mozzy patch will be launching early Jan, I will announce an exact date after the new year.


I need to Axe you a question…

I got stuck right into the old models that you see quite early in the game this week. Firstly the Stone Hatchet which was looking like it was out of the pre-v1 alpha (and probably was) This bad boy was fairly quick to redo. Having my custom materials is great because where things can be reused I do reuse them and when I want something fresh or a bit different I have a good base to build from. Using existing materials I can then assume that they convey the same reflection and gloss values that have previously worked for that kind of material.

The Stone Hatchet pretty much used materials I have used before so was super quick to get this one ready.


Next up was the redo of the Axe, this one also used materials I have used before with exception to the wooden handle. I wanted a more wood grain stripey wood for this one with a very matte untreated look. This came out really nice and the RGB mask we will use to colour the higher tier axes looks nice too.



Since release I’ve been scrambling to fix all the problems for the follow up patch.
Between disappearing vehicles and some overly generous weapon drop rates in towns we figured rather than pushing a hotfix ASAP we would spend a little more time tweaking the balance numbers and delay until Thursday the 19th of December where we will wipe the servers again to bring everyone back to a sane baseline and be able to test the new loot balance properly.

I’ve fixed the disappearing vehicles (sorry about this one, bad slip up on my part) and also rebalanced the vehicle distribution somewhat. Whilst all vehicle types were spawning properly inside the ‘Servo Wars’ towns the randomly scattered chassis spawns around the map weren’t spawning Goats leading to an imbalance in the opposite direction to what was intended (Goats should be easier to attain than the other vehicles).
In Goat spawns both in and out of towns have had their probability bumped up above the other two vehicle types and this is also reflected in the loot crates dropped in the vehicle towns.
I’ve also toned down the drop rate for vehicle masks and removed the vehicle protection fragment from the fragment loot trees.
Map markers for vehicles have also been fixed so owned vehicles should always appear on the map as long as you are within 500 meters of it (before this fix the vehicle would have to move with the owner in range for it to display).

I’ve also rebalanced the military town loot as we were a little overly generous with the guns that were dropping. Whilst the chance of having a gun drop is staying more or less the same we’ve changed the drop rates between the different types. Now you’ll be be much more likely to find a pistol than anything else and both the AR15 and AWM have been significantly reduced so they’ll be rare drops. Weapon attachment drops have had the same changes made (pistol attachments are common, AR15/AWM are rare).
We didn’t want to totally remove the powerful weapon drops, aside from them being an exciting item to get we think their power is mitigated especially in the early game by players not being able to afford to protect them (so it will drop if you can get the kill) as well as not being able to craft any ammo and having to rely on looting it instead.


This week I’ve been carrying on with helping out with the optimisation pass, I had to go through the Outpost town event stamp and replace a ton of stuff with the crates I made. All these town events are built using basic Unity primitives at first to map out different lines of sight and make changing areas an easy task. When it comes time to polish these events all those basic primitives need to be replaced, unfortunately, during early stages of making these events we didn’t really have any good assets for filling out spaces so without thinking,  I kind of just jammed a ton of small assets together and ended up blowing out the poly count by way too much, especially for such a small event. Those crates I made are very low poly and fill in a good chunk of space, not to mention they have been correctly sized to the player to make designing cover easier. Managed to shave the poly count of the Outpost by almost 50%, so that’s good. Also getting ready to start running every prefab used in the town events through simplygon so we can start loding them to really help with performance. Reorganised all the splats and details in the project, had a few hiccups with that, cut down heaps of duplicates. Currently re-stamping everything and trying to work through a couple problems.


Hurtworld Update #148


So it seems my estimation on how long the LOD Fiesta I started mid last week would take was way off. I got it all done by Thursday night 🙂 Was in the zone something fierce.

Since then I’ve been fixing up a couple of minor things like the pistol icons and some world item scale issues.

I replaced the placeholder Clan Creator with a super sexy, metal, military medal style asset. This was a lot of fun to make and I dusted off my old skills from my days working as a collectible coin designer back in 2006. Really happy with this.

Next up I’ll be going over a bunch of old assets to bring their texturing and models in line with all our current gear. I’ll be changing the Stone Hatchet, the Axes and the Pickaxes. I may even get round to a redo of a couple of other things but this will keep me busy for a week or two.



Hi Guys,

This week I’ve been polishing off the mechanics for the Mozzy. I went pretty hard on the simulation tip with destruction, making it so clipping parts of your blades on anything will apply forces to your main body as well as eventually destroy the blade item after enough contact with objects.

Once you lose a rotor you will lose the simulated function of that blade completely. Losing your main rotor will make you fall out of the sky with your tail rotor skill throwing you into a spin, losing your tail rotor will cause you to spin uncontrollably but can still be landed safely if you’re lucky.

Impacts with the body are split into 3 damage curves: Skids, Body and Tail, Each one becoming more fragile. Reaching zero health will cause the vehicle to explode in a fireball depending on the amount of fuel you have left.

Engine of the Mozzy can also be shot out to kill power to the rotors and this power will scale down depending on the durability of the engine meaning well places sniper shots will force a pilot to land their helicopter making it possible to steal instead of blowing it up. Hopefully this will create some gameplay situations.

In all this thing gonna kill you lots, which makes us able to distribute them fairly easily without worrying they are too powerful. Bring the chaos!


Hello! haha, this week I had a bit more of a look into LoDing the town events and we decided it was a bit more of a programmer job. I ended up moving onto a bunch of other stuff on my list, one of the things we have needed for a while now is “Hat Hair” for the characters, so I ran through and set up a basic hair style to fill out the hats so all the characters don’t just look bald. Definitely a much needed fix, don’t really know how that’s gonna be controlled for those who want to be bald with hats on but we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it. I also did the LoDs for the male and female character for our performance pass, they were a bit of a mess and there were some problems so first up I had to organise and fix the characters up a bit, but the actual creation of the LoDs went really smoothly with the settings Mills set up. Next up will be cutting down the amount of rocks in all the mountain stamps and reordering them in a potentially better design.



Whatado Hurtlawds?
Another week has come and it’s time to start tying up loose ends of the past couple months. Preparing all the new menu assets to be implemented, finalising UI icons for the Mozzie and Slug.

The audio on the trailer is something else that has needed attention. I have been checking all the recorded audio and making sure it is audible over the music and in a lot of cases I have replaced audio due to it being muffled by other effects or environmental noise.

Next week we get stuck into the soundtrack,



This week I’ve been continuing on setting up persistent town loot and working on vehicle implementation.
Progress has been a bit slower than hoped as making changes to Nullius was a more complicated process than I assumed and so I decided to fix a few bugs in our map tools to allow us to speed up the iteration process.
This means I haven’t been able to iterate over the balance of the new persistent town loot very much to find the right values for things like spawn density, respawn timers, loot table quantities and probabilities.
I’m still going through testing and tweaking these values now and should be able to get them to a decent spot for tomorrow’s experimental patch release but don’t be surprised to see some hotfixes next week further refining these values. I think this is a better way forward than delaying the patch to give us more time, plus it gives you guys an opportunity to give us feedback and influence our direction with the balance.

I’ve also been making some fixes to clan totems and territory control totems, now you’ll be able to authorize onto a clan totem and capture territory control points as a recruit (was previously restricted to officers and owners).
This allows recruits to still get involved in the action without an officer online and means clans no longer have to promote all members to officer just to have more hands capable of capturing the objective. Deauthorization is still restricted to officers and above to prevent recruits double crossing a clan by deauthing them from their home totem.
Territory control points will also reset their minimum rank build restriction to the recruit level after being captured, this stops clans setting the build restriction to clan owner as a defensive tactic as when capturing an owner restricted territory you would not be able to build your own defenses without your clan owner online and close by.

Hurtworld Update #147


Hey Hurtworldians,

This week I’ve been continuing adding persistent town loot back into the game which lead into a deep dive into our spawning system.
After setting up a whole bunch of extra loot spawn points in all the towns (extra points compared to the set that the loot frenzy events run off) and configuring our spawn director to spawn loot into them I noticed that the spawns weren’t really behaving as expected and often the explicitly set loot points weren’t being used and the system was falling back to random positioning instead.
This led to me going deep into our spawning system to find bugs and get to the bottom of what was going on. I ended up finding a couple of problems and regressions since legacy, mainly a race condition with our loot position marker registration and our spawn director initialization, also another bug where SpawnerCellUpdatesPerFrame in ServerConfig was being ignored due to cell updates not being tracked properly.
With the spawn director fixed up I’m now moving onto setting up then iterating over and tweaking the spawn configurations for these towns trying to find the sweet spot in loot density and respawn times.

We’ll be releasing the next experimental patch on Thursday the 13th of December which will include the return of persistent town loot, rebalancing the vehicle system (removal of insurance and vehicle destruction, return of destructible wheels and making building a vehicle more achievable), return of the large mining rocks in the final biomes and craftable dynamite along with a bunch of bug fixes and other small changes.


Been another interesting week of collecting footage for the trailer with a focus on PVP combat. Last week we found the major dificulty was trying to achieve realistic gameplay footage yet keeping the visuals fluid enough to cut nicely in with rest of the cinematics.
We captured various scenarios including early stage combat, raiding and long range gunplay. As we progress through the trailer we keep finding better techniques during the capture that i want to implement across the board. Was lots of fun, however now I have a heap of footage to trawl through, I better get stuck in.



Hey Hurtworld Fam,

This week has involved a lot of trailer footage shooting and more progress on the Mozzy damage model. Things are coming along nicely but won’t be ready for the rolling out in the patch on the 13th. My hopes are that the upcoming patch will put the meta in a state we are happy to officially release V2 to the main branch based on the feedback we’ve been collecting from the commuinity. If everything goes well this will likely be Early Jan. We still need to do a serious optimisation pass and stabilise a few core bugs but nothing I think we can’t handle by then. With Mils working through LODs for everything and Splatt consolidating map resources we should have V2 running faster than V1 by release.

V2 will be rolling out without a “No EAC” version, so if you are still one of the few people who can’t connect to EAC servers please notify us on the forums so we can get it sorted before release.


Hey ya’ll. So we have some easy wins performance wise that we hope to achieve pretty quickly in regards to poly counts in the game. So far we have made a fair amount of LOD’s (Level of Detail) meshes in Hurtworld, but we haven’t always had time to create LOD’s for everything. Sometimes this is due to not knowing if a mesh will stay in the game long term and sometimes we just need it in game asap and don’t have time to make them.

Good news is, we now are using Simplygon to create our LOD’s and it’s super fast. In the past we have hand built these and it is time consuming. They look great using this method but Simplygon can do this in 10-20 seconds. The results are almost as good too. This was also very daunting when it came to skinned mesh attachments. Skinned mesh attachments are anything that use a skeleton to deform the mesh ie; clothes, body parts etc. Simplygon also instantly creates the skinned mesh LOD’s with some kind of evil beautiful code magic and the new meshes instantly deform just like the original. SO. GOOD.

The past week I have been testing the reliability of the resulting meshes that have been coming out of Simplygon. I’ve been fiddling and tweaking the settings to get a nice custom preset or two which so far creates great LOD’s for all situations.

Below: The top row shows completely Simplygon generated LOD’s and the bottom row shows the same but with hand tweaking of the lowest LOD mesh. In the end you can barely tell the difference and the Simplygon mesh came out less quality but lower, so we’ll automate everything and go back and fix anything that stands out in the game as we play over time.

I have 580 items to check through, not all will need new LOD’s created but a bunch will so I will be busy on that grind for the next week I’d say.

For all you people out there running slower machines, this should really benefit you. Also all you car hoarders who like to keep 50 cars in your garage for bragging rights this will help with that also.


Also I made Coal 😛

The world item that drops on the ground for coal and the Icon looked freaking horrible so I quickly remade this.




Hello again, this week I’ve run through the rest of this list I have of manual touch ups the map always needed, managed to get through it all and get a good build of the map out. Feels good being able to just hit stamp and know that everything will just work, and even if a couple things here and there screw up, it’s still a million times better than it was before. Fixed up a bunch of biome manager stuff like no builds being slightly off and radiation zones creeping too far on the playable zones. Also blended the biomes a lot smoother so it’s not such an immediate switch from one to the other. Next step is sorting through a bunch of doubled up splats and building LoDs for the town events as they are currently hitting performance quite hard. No pictures this week sorry.

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