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Hurtworld Update #17 –


Hey folks,

Another insane week keeping the wheels on. Priority one has been servers and bugs.


I just released a patch that should iron out some of the biggest gamebreakers we’ve been seeing this week.
People breaking into bases using exploits (not HAX!) has been fairly common and a tough one to fix. The main issue here is whenever 2 objects occupy the same space, the Physics solver does its best to separate by pushing things away from each other iteratively. When a player gets literally stuck between a rock and a hard place, the solver would end up pushing them through one of the objects. Some players figured out how to exploit this to push yourself through walls. While this is a dick move, it’s not achieved by hacks.

One of the biggest ways people were glitching into objects was caused by us not checking if there is space for your head when you stand up. As the standup process is unstoppable by the physics solver, players could get themselves into rocks and other objects by “teabagging” surfaces.

The latest patch blocks coming out of crouch if there isn’t room, this should greatly reduce the number of exploits possible. I would say makes them impossible, but I know how crafty you guys are at breaking into bases.

We are almost at a point where we can start putting bounties on exploits. For example anyone who can break into a freestanding sealed 2×2 base and capture it on video can claim some sort of reward. We aren’t there just yet, but we are close.


It takes surprisingly long to get a shitload of dedicated servers spread across the entire planet. No single provider has data centers across all regions, different ones make you jump through verification hoops. Good news is they are starting to pop up now.

We ran our first dedicated Linux machine on a dedicated box in Hong Kong overnight which has been running superbly. The next phase is to start rolling out in scale to all our machines and building our own management software to ensure a server never stays offline ever again and we can focus on building the game not restarting servers. We have enlisted the help of a talented gentleman to build our custom server management interface and expect to have it operational over this week sometime.

The migration to new machines won’t cause a wipe.

But Spencer where is the dam content? What is the road map? When are you going to implement feature X?

I’m glad you asked (a million times :P)

While cow_trix and I have been stomping bugs, the Art team have been pumping out a feast of content for us to put into the game when we get a chance to implement it.

We have seen other projects get bogged down in micro content updates that don’t really amount to any real gameplay changes. We want to avoid this cycle by focusing on how the game plays rather than the stuff that’s in it. We also want to make sure what we have in place is at the level of quality we want before moving on to add more stuff. If you look back on most Early Access games, the level of quality you start with doesn’t often change over the years of development. Generally the need to keep pumping out content to keep the hype rolling outweighs the need to fix what’s already there.

As we’re playing the long game, we are going to do things a little different. Each month we will pick an aspect of the game to flesh out and go hammer and tongs, rip out systems, add gameplay mechanics, sexy up art and ultimately bring it up to a level of quality that matches whats in our vision. Before each phase we will gather feedback from you guys, put forward our intentions and iterate like crazy to get something we all love one thing at a time.

An example of this would be gunplay. We describe Hurtworld as a Hardcore FPS. While our gunplay is a bit better than other survival games mostly due to performance, it’s still pretty sloppy compared with born and bred shooters. For the gunplay iteration we would build a Deathmatch mode, open up official deathmatch servers and spend hours in gunfights tweaking recoil patterns, antilag offsets, interpolation settings, bullet drop, reload times, impact feedback, damage effects, gun and impact sounds, server tickrate, server jitter hiding,weapon vs weapon balance, basically everything that affects you in a gunfight. Just patching in some recoil along with disparate other things doesn’t really focus on how the game plays, it’s just reacting to gaps that we already know are there.

So where are we at now.

This month our focus is on engine foundations:
Making sure we can cope with any number of players smoothly
Giving players the tools to find the best gameplay experience consistently
Making sure the small number of people who would ruin things for everyone else fade into insignificance
Putting systems in place to manage how we will move forward from here
Patching any gaping holes in the initial metagame

Once we get through this first month of stabilization and growing pains, expect big things. We’re just getting started.


I’ve been working on a bunch of new items, another beastly looking wheel and an earlier stage storage chest so you can get collecting a bit sooner.
Today I am also starting on an array of traps. Among them are Landmines, Claymores and other craft-able items that you can spring on your enemies causing then many a headache. These will not make it into the game for a while as we have a lot of more important issues that you have all raised that we need to deal with first.




Still be working away on character content. For these first rounds of newer gear I have been focusing on using the Hurtworld wildlife, which I showed some of last week with the Bor Masks. I have also made some Shigi Masks as well as Forest Shigi masks. Hopefully get around to making some headgear from the various Tokar’s and Yeti’s as well.
We also now have the finest of Bor-tech backpacks for all of your scurrying needs.
Currently I am working on some winter headgear 😉





I’ve been working on a bunch of little things for the past week, mostly bug-fixes. Right now I’m giving the chat a bit of love, and packing some more features into the server browser.


I have been working on steam fixes around trying to talk to ‘all of you’… ‘all of you’ is a huge number of people which is great! Meeting some really great players, I gotta say. Getting all Gavku’s work into player model and started FPS Pistol animations too.

Hurtworld Update #16 – Post launch roundup…

Hey guys,


This last week has been insane! We went from our tiny closed alpha of ~20 people online at a time, to over 10000 concurrent users across 1000 active servers in just 7 days. We still don’t quite believe that number is real.

This update will be short and sweet, once things settle down a bit I will lay out our roadmap in detail.

You guys have been thrashing the new build, tracking down heaps of bugs and giving us loads of awesome feedback.

With so much going on it’s easy to get caught like a deer in headlights watching it all go by. We’ve been trying to read everything everyone’s posted, we were drowning in communication but I think we’re finding our feet.

This week I’ve been in full damage control mode. Putting out patches, breaking stuff, fixing it again etc. The main focus has been keeping everything running and patching out any major exploits that come up.

The first wave of exploits were caused by our own bugs. All that we know of are now sorted. The next wave of exploits that are starting to pop up are client side cheats.
I am aware of a few security holes in our server protocol that I’m working on patching right now. We also plan to implement Easy Anti Cheat this week which will give us access to an extra team of people dedicated to hunting down and stopping client side cheats.

I’ve been collecting heaps of feedback on things that affect the metagame like respawn time, infamy balance tweaks, loot frequency etc. Unfortunately I haven’t even had a chance to play the game since launch I’ve been so flat out, so I can’t really make judgements on these mechanics until I can really experience them myself. Priority one is stomping out cheats, metagame will be next on the agenda.

Official Servers
We don’t have enough, some keep disappearing. We’ve outgrown our current operation and need rethink our approach. I have someone on the task of sourcing our own dedicated servers and will be automating more of the process so we can manage the official servers much better. This might take a week or two but will be worth it.


Spencer: Cowtrix wasn’t in the office for this dev update so I will summarise. He built the awesome new server browser, put more languages in and has been on bug fixing duty.


Well its been a pretty crazy week for which we have all you guys to thank…..SO THANKS!
Once things settled down a bit I have gotten back to cranking out content.We wanted more ways for players to be able to individualize themselves, so I have started to make a bunch of masks crafted from the various Hurtworld animals. First up is a BorMask as they are probably still my favorite creature so far 😉
Oh yeah and we have a handgun now!



Wow, what a week! In between responding to as many emails and forum posts as possible, I also managed to work on some wheels. So I’m working on more sexy wheels for the cars. This new wheel is inspired by the style that suits, 1960’s – 70’s muscle cars. I have a bit of a passion for these vehicles.
Will be making a few more varied sizes and styles over the coming days. Will be nice to see you all rolling these down the road soon.



Pretty intense 6 days! I haven’t posted that much on Forums in 6 years! Good to get to know a lot of you. Anyway, will keep the support coming, but I have animation tasks that I have to get moving on. First up is taking the Pistol from Gav and making it move. Few small bugs and improvements to be made to state-flow too (they will go in with patches). Expect some gyfycats in coming weeks!

Hurtworld Update #15 – Racing towards the deadline…

Hey Folks – We are all working hard towards EA release, 9 days to go. Here is the summary…


I’ve been fixing bugs, tweaking the map and balancing out the new progression. I’ve also got the new Infamy system to introduce that we’ve been working on for a few weeks.

This system is design to create more PVP interactions with significantly less butthurt. As Hurtworld has more of a progression of gear than most survival games (and will get much larger as we add more content), the amount you have to lose & time wasted from death becomes greater and greater. Losing everything isn’t that painful if gear is easy come easy go. Creating backups of all your stuff to ensure you aren’t naked next spawn is boring, it also stops us from design mechanics that let you get attached to your gear. Any awesome piece of loot you have you probably won’t use from fear of losing it, and most players end up running around naked with a cheap gun to minimize risk.

There is also the effect that I have seen on most popular twitch streamers is an anti PVP mentality due to the usual imbalance of encounters. Quite simply, it’s never a fair fight.

Our proposed solution is:

Only items in your backpack drop on death (hotbar and equipped items are intact)

EDIT: This wasn’t clear. Raw materials ammo and food will always drop from your hotbar & backpack

Secured gear in your hotbar and equipment slots (gear you are wearing) can only be dropped if your infamy level is above zero.

Infamy is a stat bar that increases by one every time you kill someone, and slowly decreases over time back to zero. For each point of infamy you currently have, you have a chance to lose a secured item (equipped gear / weapons / tools).

We hope this will have a few effects.

  • Most people will actually use their best gear all the time
  • Noobs being harassed at spawn that can’t fight back won’t lose much
  • Players harassing noobs at spawn are putting a target on their own head, as their gear is now up for grabs to anyone who kills them, creating interesting skirmishes.
  • Farming yield of a player will be dependant on the territory they can control. If a player tries to mine the limited resources around your base, you can kill them to claim the resources back without completely ruining their day.
  • We can make tiers of gear much more expensive to create without crossing the too valuable to lose bracke

As with any new gameplay system, it sounds great in theory to us, how it plays will be the real test. This behavior will be the default on December 4th, however server owners can override playerlootmode to 4 different settings depending on preference including the classic lose everything.


Icons, icons, icons. I have been polishing up some new icons and fixing some older placeholder versions. This set is looking nice but there are always many more to come as we pump out new content which then needs an icon to pair with.
I have been toiling over small fixes to a bunch of other items, we seem to be making good progress heading toward the release.




Aside from a couple of fixes here and there it’s basically been more content from me this week. A bit more of an Aussie vibe to these latest items, including the icon of Australian safety the stack hat or StackRat in our case 😉





I have been working through all the 3rd person iron sight weapon animations an making them better/clearer and more side-on. Also cleaning up the spear and adding all the cool character items Gav has been building. And bug fixing.


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