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Hurtworld Update #15 – Racing towards the deadline…

Hey Folks – We are all working hard towards EA release, 9 days to go. Here is the summary…


I’ve been fixing bugs, tweaking the map and balancing out the new progression. I’ve also got the new Infamy system to introduce that we’ve been working on for a few weeks.

This system is design to create more PVP interactions with significantly less butthurt. As Hurtworld has more of a progression of gear than most survival games (and will get much larger as we add more content), the amount you have to lose & time wasted from death becomes greater and greater. Losing everything isn’t that painful if gear is easy come easy go. Creating backups of all your stuff to ensure you aren’t naked next spawn is boring, it also stops us from design mechanics that let you get attached to your gear. Any awesome piece of loot you have you probably won’t use from fear of losing it, and most players end up running around naked with a cheap gun to minimize risk.

There is also the effect that I have seen on most popular twitch streamers is an anti PVP mentality due to the usual imbalance of encounters. Quite simply, it’s never a fair fight.

Our proposed solution is:

Only items in your backpack drop on death (hotbar and equipped items are intact)

EDIT: This wasn’t clear. Raw materials ammo and food will always drop from your hotbar & backpack

Secured gear in your hotbar and equipment slots (gear you are wearing) can only be dropped if your infamy level is above zero.

Infamy is a stat bar that increases by one every time you kill someone, and slowly decreases over time back to zero. For each point of infamy you currently have, you have a chance to lose a secured item (equipped gear / weapons / tools).

We hope this will have a few effects.

  • Most people will actually use their best gear all the time
  • Noobs being harassed at spawn that can’t fight back won’t lose much
  • Players harassing noobs at spawn are putting a target on their own head, as their gear is now up for grabs to anyone who kills them, creating interesting skirmishes.
  • Farming yield of a player will be dependant on the territory they can control. If a player tries to mine the limited resources around your base, you can kill them to claim the resources back without completely ruining their day.
  • We can make tiers of gear much more expensive to create without crossing the too valuable to lose bracke

As with any new gameplay system, it sounds great in theory to us, how it plays will be the real test. This behavior will be the default on December 4th, however server owners can override playerlootmode to 4 different settings depending on preference including the classic lose everything.


Icons, icons, icons. I have been polishing up some new icons and fixing some older placeholder versions. This set is looking nice but there are always many more to come as we pump out new content which then needs an icon to pair with.
I have been toiling over small fixes to a bunch of other items, we seem to be making good progress heading toward the release.




Aside from a couple of fixes here and there it’s basically been more content from me this week. A bit more of an Aussie vibe to these latest items, including the icon of Australian safety the stack hat or StackRat in our case 😉





I have been working through all the 3rd person iron sight weapon animations an making them better/clearer and more side-on. Also cleaning up the spear and adding all the cool character items Gav has been building. And bug fixing.


Hurtworld Update #14 – Creeping up on EA all stealthy like…

Hey Guys,


This week  I finally made some time to fix the vehicle physics. The handling on the Goat was horrendous and so fragile to configure that I decided to scrap the whole system we had in place. We were using a 3rd party library which was based on physically accurate simulation model and used Unity’s PhysX wheelcollider. Problem with this is, we spend most our time in real life driving on almost perfectly flat paved roads, and in game we expect that sort of handling all the time. If you took a dune buggy up a bumpy cliff at 100 km/h you would indeed lose traction and flip out.

Another problem is that the Unity 5 wheel collider is horribly unstable, not to mention changes its dynamics quite often, making upgrading to newer versions of Unity a pain as we have to rebalance the vehicles again.

In place of this, I built a much simpler system that uses none of the above (Instead uses manual raycasts and forces). As the wheel forces are completely custom, I now have complete control over how things handle. Instead of configuring friction curves, gear ratios, clutch / differential and engine rpm torque limits; we simply say top speed = X, acceleration force = Y, grip multiplier = Z and everything handles nicely.

You also now have some level of rotation control in the air to make jumps more fun, everything controls pretty similar to GTA 5 now.

Roach Kit

Next I implemented all the new Roach panels and skins Mils has been working on (as seen in the header). A big benefit of the vehicle physics simplification, is that attachments can have additive effects on the performance of the vehicle without having to worry about breaking the initial fragile handling settings. For example, the engine sets the base acceleration & fuel consumption rate, the gearbox sets the initial top speed, a roof scoop can add additional traction multiplier (because downforce?) and a bonnet air intake can increase acceleration force. Armor plating can reduce damage to the car but also adds weight which slows it down.

All this runs through our entity stats system which the player uses to simulate metabolism / environmental effects. This means we can do things like decrease traction when the vehicle is wet or make a gun that causes a 90% drop in engine power for 10 seconds with a single line of code.


As usual, can’t wait to open this up in our SDK!

World Spawner

I also built the world spawner loot table for all the vehicles. In the new system, you can’t craft vehicles anymore. What this does is generate a random set of panel attachments, wheels and engine parts and spawns the chassis in the world. There is a very small chance that the vehicle will be drivable on spawn, likely you will need to scavenge for parts before being able to drive it. I decided to make the panels that the vehicle spawns with fixed for now. Meaning if you want a Roach with the complete SharkWeek body kit (feature image), you need to find it. Vehicles chassis’ will be easy come easy go, so will give you a chance to find a large enough number to eventually get that ideal rare spawn with the kit you want. This will likely change once we add some very expensive tools / machines that allow remodeling of vehicle body’s, until then you must find your perfect one out in the world.


Engine parts and wheels can be added / removed still and paint can be added but not removed.


This week I’ve been fixing exploits, bugs, and a few issues we’ve been meaning to get around to for months but never have. A small sample is implementing sounds for the Yeti, making machines not stack, adding more server configuration options, and fixing some memory leaks on the server. I’ve also started implementing the Infamy system – we’ll reveal more on this soon.


I am tying up loose ends and polishing any art assets that have had a bit of a place holder vibe. Also doing some fresh creations that we need for the launch.
This includes; Icons, Vehicle Skins, Promo materials for the launch.


Pretty much just trying to crank out content up till release. This week I finalised the Windmill model and made sure it was able to be separated into multiple pieces to get more bang for our buck. I have also done a snow/arctic and a forest type skin for the shigi, as well as multiple spear textures and feathers to make it easier to locate.

Shigi variants

Shigi variants


Spear Variants


I was away last week with my family working on my tan 🙂
Hard back into it, sorting out all the animation bugs for shotgun and spear after Spencer’s hard work implementing them last week. Lots more to do to tighten the character up, including re-doing a lot of the rifle work based on some less awkward 3rd person posing that works better, and adding in a few more sounds.

Hurtworld Update #13 – Spears, Bogans, and Windmills

Hey folks – we’ve got 22 days until Hurtworld hits Early Access on December 4th, so we’re all flat out adding in as much juicy content as we can, fixing bugs, and getting ready. Here’s what we’ve been up to:


This week I finally got around to implementing some long awaited new weapons, the Spear and the Shotgun. Spear can be used in stabby stabby mode or thrown like a javelin. Wherever the spear lands it will stick and can be reclaimed. I also created a test build where spears stuck in walls could be stood upon. This makes for some cool emergent behavior and a bit of a nightmare to balance so I think I’m going to hold off on that one until we know how it will affect climbing bases etc.

The shotgun is the first weapon with actual inaccuracy which has been something I have needed to get around to for a while. The challenge posed was that our server and client both simulate the projection of bullets to prevent cheats, and this simulation needs to be exactly in sync otherwise nothing works. We need the client and the server to both generate the same pseudo random number for each bullet fired. Usually this is done by seeding the random function the same, however pre-sharing this value on each bullet for an automatic weapon is a decent bandwidth overhead.

This problem is solved without overhead by using the time tick the bullet was fired as a random seed, this paves the way for me to add recoil and movement inaccuracy to all weapons which is desperately needed. (Y)

Here are some of the weapons in action (Our resident AV guy Chris is away this week, excuse the quality):

I also built the Vehicle attachment system to support the awesome vehicle customizations that Mils has been designing. It works mostly like gear on a player, each item you equip changes the look and behavior of the vehicle. As everything is just item based, we can do some cool stuff with item transitions like flat tires, overheated engines based on external environmental factors. Likely I will run the engine like a campfire, giving off heat to itself. If it gets too hot for too long to transition to a less powerful engine and start billowing smoke.

The awesome part of all the possibilities is that we get a lot of stuff for free by re-using the existing equipment framework used on the player, and allows for lots of emergent behavior once we flesh out more effects.

Currently any wheel can be put on any vehicle slot, which makes for some weird looking (and handling) designs and some badass ones. I am yet to solve the wheel being too big for the chassis, hopefully I won’t have to put a radius limit in, I can probably just jack up the suspension if the wheel is too big.

Next week I should be able to have a crack and reworking the vehicle physics finally


I have been creating more car attachments this week, here you can see one of the new skins on this new shell. This shell’s name as a whole is currently the ‘Bogan Supreme’ Inspired by the Holden Panel Van, which for non-Aussies is an Australian iconic car of the 70’s & 80’s.
The parts are all swappable and can be combined with all the other components from the other shell sets. Also you can see the interchangeable wheel sets, which players will be able to swap to create a truly unique, if not, ridiculous, or cool looking vehicle. We wait with anticipation to see what oddities you all come up with.



This week I have been creating some extra environment assets to help with player navigation and to add shape contrast to various biomes. And I also did more of a forest/bigfoot type skin for the Yeti 😉


I’ve been busy adding in some analytics in preparation for release, so we can tell things like if the game is performing ok, how long people are playing/living for, and if crashes happen what might have caused them. Hopefully we can use this (completely anonymous) data to fine tune and balance the game.

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